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In many cases, agencies have all the tracking tools set up and know exactly what their client sites rank for and what traffic they get from Google. However, not in every case and this is where our reports come in. It may be a site that has never had GA running or GSC, or you may be in a hurry to get some data for a pitch. Whatever the reason, if you need to know what the top ranking terms are for a site and what traffic it's getting as a result we can produce a rapid report that will do just that.

Multiple Site Reports

We can deliver traffic and ranking data for multiple sites in one go. SO it may be for a presentation and you need to compare a client site directly with 4 competitors for example. This report is perfect for that, you will be armed with lots of useful data to show the differences and keywords involved.

Single Client Reports

We can quickly analyse a single client site and give top 10, 20, or more ranking terms and the traffic they are driving. We can also show which URLs are ranking and more. This data can be very useful for planning future content, product launches, or just as an annual check-in.

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The iO products are always highly informative and make a huge difference to a number of our clients. From website migration support to isolating competitor activity and more. We will be using them for many years to come.

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