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Let's face it, knowing what competitors are up to is useful at many levels. Whether you are a business looking to understand a single competitor or have a client and would like to show them what 10 competitors are doing in terms of SEO and ranking then this is the product for you.

What The Audits Cover

Here are just some of the aspects we can look into for you

  • Top keywords driving competitor traffic
  • Top ranking pages
  • Top ranking content and blog posts
  • What keywords competitors are targeting
  • Are they using SEO as a marketing channel? and to what level
  • Backlink audits

We can deliver these as single insights or full reports on as many or as few competitors as you need.

Why Use Competitor SEO Audits?

As an agency you may simply want to understand what is working for businesses competing with your clients. But as SEO comes up in more and more conversations these days you can use our audits to help highlight if it is a viable channel for a client for example. In many cases our audits are cost effective way to upsell SEO to a client without using internal resources, our audits work wonders for sales people to use in pitches and so much more.  In very simple terms our audits can be used by in house teams to generate new keywords to track and work on, content plans and isolate key products and services to roll out for clients.

If you or your clients want to get the lowdown on how good, bad or ugly the competitor SEO is; we can help!

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The iO products are always highly informative and make a huge difference to a number of our clients. From website migration support to isolating competitor activity and more. We will be using them for many years to come.

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