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Backlinks are links coming into a domain from an external domain. These referring domains can pass on authority or bad vibes! A site will rank better if it has lots and lots of lovely, powerful, and relevant pointing to it. Much like good reviews help people choose a business good links help search engines rank a site.

What is a backlink audit?

A backlink audit is simply a deep dive audit to find out every single domain or page that links to any target website you wish to look at. In most cases, these audits are to help understand the health and wellbeing of a client or campaign domain. We can see if there are any spurious and spammy links that might be holding the site back in terms of rankings. We can also see what good links there are and these can help generate ideas for more sites to approach and build new links from.

Competitor Backlink Audits

We also offer competitor backlink audits. These can be very helpful in a number of ways. Firstly they can highlight a reason why a site is always outranking a campaign site. They can also produce a long list of target sites that may be beneficial to build links from. These link intersect reports can inform months of link building and really help target the process. We can look at a single competitor or multiple.

Advice and Recommendations

Delivering detailed reports is very handy for those agencies and marketing professionals who just need the cold hard data. However, we also offer detailed advice and recommendations on what links might be of concern, what links are good and what other links might be good to get. Sometimes we can even spot where a site has been hacked in the past and old buried spam links exist.

If you would like to discussed a backlink audit for a client site, a campaign site or competitors then get in touch today.

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The iO products are always highly informative and make a huge difference to a number of our clients. From website migration support to isolating competitor activity and more. We will be using them for many years to come.

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